Solar Raceway Wire Management System

Frequently Asked Questions

How much cable area is there inside the Solar Raceway?
The 2.5 inch diameter version has 5 square inches of wiring fill space, more than adequate to accommodate a 40% fill ratio requirement.
Can the Wire Management System be re-used or re-installed?
The Solar Raceway top cover can be re-opened and snapped back into place on any existing solar installation. If it’s simply to inspect or to add a new array, as long as this operation is performed by a qualified solar installer.
Does the Wire Management Assembly come in different colors?
All Solar Raceway products come standard with a 100% anodized brush aluminum finish that is .010 deep. We can provide custom anodized colors for an additional charge. All custom colors are applied over the visible exterior portions of the Solar Raceway product in addition to the anodized coating.
Can the Solar Raceway Wire Management System be attached to metal roofs?
Yes it can. It has base clamps designed especially for standing seam metal roofing. It has the same lock feature that holds the Solar Raceway on the flat roof.
Can the Solar Raceway be attached vertically to walls or upside down?
Yes, it can! The system was designed to virtually attach in any position and remain open until it has been populated with wiring. Once the wiring is in place and the system has been adequately inspected, you simply snap the top cover in place.
Can I use double-sided adhesive tape instead of screw fasteners to attach the Base to the roof or wall surface?
The base component was designed with ridges on the bottom to increase the surface bonding area of roof manufacturers preferred double sided seam tape. The customer can also heat-stake both sides of a strip that goes through the base component to hold the base securely to the roofing sub straight. It’s not recommended to use double sided seam tapes on any vertical sections. For vertical runs the installer has ample room for an anchor screw in the center of the base component.
Is exposure to rain or high winds an issue for the Solar Raceway Wire Management System?
The unique radius shape and base locking feature of the Solar Raceway was designed to resist wind shear and lift due to a weather event. Since the Solar Raceway is a cable tray, it will contain moisture for a short amount of time. However all the water present will simply drain out the expansion sleeves positioned in every 12 foot section.
How long can the Solar Raceway Wire Management System withstand UV light & the environment?
Most of the wire management systems of the past were made of toxic PVC material. PVC is well known for becoming brittle in a short amount of UV exposure. We chose to design the system to be made of aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The Solar Raceway product will most likely outlast the life expectancy of the solar modules.
What about exposure to ice?
The all-aluminum construction will certainly withstand many thousand freeze-thaw cycles without any degrading of the base material.

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