Solar Raceway Wire Management System

2.5" PVC System Component Selection

Our 2.5" remains our most popular application and meets the needs of most installations. The following product detail outlines the various components and accessories that are available to aid in your installation. Our team is available to work with any installation challenges in order to best utilize Solar Raceway to meet your goals.

Product Number Name Dimension Description
2.5" PVC Cable Tray System
WMK - 2.5 2.5" Wire Management Kit 96" Lengths Kit includes: PVC Top Cover, Cable Tray, x4 Short Bases, Expansion Sleeve, and Hardware
2.5" PVC Components
TC-CT-PVC-2.5 Top Cover and Cable Tray 96" Lengths Unnotched Lengths
TC-PVC-2.5 Top Cover 96" Lengths PVC
CT-PVC-2.5 Cable Tray 96" Lengths PVC
2.5" Satin Anodized Components - Interchangeable with aluminum cable tray
SB-2.5 Short Base 2.5" x 1.50" H Satin Anodized
TB-2.5 Tall Base 2.5" x 2.50" H Satin Anodized
MRB-2.5 Metal Roof Bracket 2.5" x 2.00" H Satin Anodized
CTB-2.5 Cable Tray Bracket 2.5" x 1.00" H Satin Anodized - Side Attachment
S-90-2.5 Split 90 Degree Connector 2.5" x 2 openings Satin Anodized
STC-2.5 Split "T" Connector 2.5" x 3 openings Satin Anodized
EC-2.5 End Cap 2.65" x 3.00" L Satin Anodized
CC-2.5-1 Conduit Connector (Hole Size 1.50") 2.65" x 3.00" L Satin Anodized
CC-2.5-2 Conduit Connector (Hole Size 1.25") 2.65" x 3.00" L Satin Anodized
CC-2.5-3 Conduit Connector (Hole Size 1.00") 2.65" x 3.00" L Satin Anodized
EMTC-2.5 EMT Connector 2.65" x 3.00" L Satin Anodized
SES-2.5 Split Expansion Sleeve 2.65" x 3.00" H Satin Anodized
2.5" Accessories
WR-2.5 Wire Retainer Clip 2.50" x 50 x 060 Plastic x4 qty

NOTE - PVC and Satin Anodized have interchangeable parts

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