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Solar Raceway Wire Management System is the best choice for your solar installation.

An innovative, but practical design focused on addressing wiring and balance of system solutions, without compromising simplicity, efficiency, and durability. Comprised of 3 main components that interlock together: Base, Cable Tray, and Top Cover. Its open top cover feature allows you to lay wires into the cable tray. When wiring is complete, simply snap the cover to the tray. The result is a sleek looking, quality product that reduces installation time and labor costs.

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Totally enclosed

The completely enclosed system protects your wires, critical to the efficiency and longevity of the solar arrays. Keeps out dirt and debris, and also prevents insects or small animals from making their home inside. Your wires are hidden for a clean clutter-free roof top, but yet you still have easy access to the wires.

Designed to resist the elements

Made of 100% recyclable aluminum. It’s also clear anodized making it even more reliable and durable to resist damage from corrosion and UV lights. Non-magnetic, doesn't retain moisture, can endure heat and cold, and the radius design can withstand high-wind conditions. This all adds up to a long-lasting life for your solar arrays.

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